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Felt Pancake & Sliced Strawberries Tutorial

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Felt Pancake & Sliced Strawberries Tutorial

Happy Pancake Day!

There's nothing like celebrating Pancake Day with a big stack of pancakes covered in your favourite toppings, but how about one that will last a little longer? These adorable felt pancakes are incredibly easy to make, don't require a sewing machine, and are perfect for a cute decoration or child's make-believe play food.

We'll start off with a quick tutorial on how to make the pancakes and butter pats, then show you the slightly more elaborate sliced strawberry.



For the pancakes & butter:

For the strawberries:

  • Red felt, pink felt, light green felt, dark green felt
  • A small amount of fibre fill (like what is used in teddy bears)
  • Eleganza™ thread - we used EZ24-Fire Hydrant for the strawberry, EZ18-Sunny Side Up for the strawberry seeds, and recommend EZ124-Deep Foliage to attach the strawberry leaves.



4 circular felt pieces will make 1 pancake

1. Using a circular template (we used a roll of masking tape), trace and cut two pieces of light brown felt and two pieces of beige felt. This is enough to make 1 pancake.

All 4 pieces of felt stacked together to make a pancake

2. Stack your pieces of felt so that the two beige circles are sandwiched between the light brown ones. Note that if you would like your pancake to look fluffier with a rounded down edge, you can cut one light brown circle to be roughly 2mm smaller than the rest. When you stitch the pieces together, pull the thread snugly and the pieces will curve down a little, giving it a more realistic appearance and dimension.

Stitching the pancake with Eleganza thread

3. The final step is to blanket stitch your pancake pieces together with the Eleganza™ thread. Don't forget to hide the thread knot between the pieces so it doesn't show.

Stitch 2 squares of yellow felt together to make the butter

4. To make the butter, simply blanket stitch two squares of yellow felt together.



Start with a quarter circle for your strawberry

1. Cut a quarter of a circle from red felt to start your strawberry. You can make them as large or small as you desire, but we kept ours between 4-5cm on the flat end.

Decorate the strawberry with tiny thread "seeds"

2. Using the yellow Eleganza™ thread, stitch a few thread "seeds" all over the felt.

Rounding out your strawberry

3. Tie a knot on one end of a length of red Eleganza™ thread and hide it on the back side of the felt. Run your needle in and out several times across the top of the strawberry.

Tying off the top of your strawberry

4. Pull the string taught so that the felt rumples up like shown and tie it off.

Cutting out the face of your sliced strawberry

5. Check the size of the opening to measure and cut a pointed oval shape out of the red felt (it is better to cut it too large than too small and trim it down afterwards). Cut a smaller pointed oval shape out of the pink felt and layer it over the red oval. Whip stitch the two shapes together with the red Eleganza™ thread.

Plumping up your strawberry

6. Now you can stuff your strawberry with some fibre fill to plump it up.

Stitching together the strawberry

7. Position the pointed oval over the opening and whip stitch it closed all the way around using red Eleganza™ thread.

Making the strawberry leaves

8. Now you'll want to cut out some multi-pointed star shapes for the leaves. We cut out two pieces, one in dark green and the other in light green for some contrast. Attach the leaves together through the middle with a simple x-shaped stitch.

Stitching the leaves to the berry

9. The last step is to stitch the leaves to the raw top edge of the strawberry. You can put the needle through a little of the bottom leaf's felt, close to the middle, so the thread doesn't show through.

Breakfast is served!

10. Arrange your creations however you please! You can make multiples for a hearty stack of pancakes that won't lengthen your waistline today!