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Sew Your Own Couched Christmas Stockings

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Sew Your Own Couched Christmas Stockings

Looking for something unique to hang on your mantle this year? These couched stockings are simple to make and can be whipped up quickly in time for Christmas. 🎄 All you have to do is choose some sparkly threads in your favourite colours, or those of the person you’re making it for. ⭐️

📍Download the free couched Christmas stocking pattern:


Threads used:

DecoBob™ Pre-Wound

DecoBob™ 80wt Cottonized Polyester

Silco™ 35wt Lint-Free Cotton

InvisaFil™ 100wt Invisible Polyester Thread

Razzle™ 6ply Rayon Thread

Dazzle™ 8wt/6ply Rayon with Metallic

Sizzle™ 4ply Rayon with Metallic


Thread Tamer