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Welcome to the WonderFil Specialty Threads™ UK Online Store!

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Welcome to the WonderFil Specialty Threads™ UK Online Store!

Hello, United Kingdom!

With WonderFil Specialty Threads™ growing in popularity, we've noticed greater interest from our fabulous patrons in the UK. With space being limited in most quilting and sewing stores in this country, it's difficult for retailers to take on new thread lines, especially in the quantities that WonderFil™ offers. As such, we've found it difficult to reach the growing demand of our customers.

Solution: the inception of the WonderFil Specialty Threads™ UK online store!

Exclusive to the UK, this online store aims to provide the quality of products and customer service that makes the WonderFil™ name known around the globe. Through this beautiful and user friendly site, you can now have all of your favourite WonderFil™ threads delivered right to your door. Now there's no need to leave the sewing room to do your thread shopping!

With 23 thread lines (and two new incredible lines arriving very soon *wink nudge*), WonderFil™ is now proud to be able to offer the full range of products to the UK. We're looking forward to helping you with the tools to continue creating beautiful and inspiring pieces!

WonderFil Specialty Threads™