3 Must-Have Threads, Free Episode of The Quilt Show!

3 Must-Have Threads, Free Episode of The Quilt Show!

Are you a fan of quilting? Do you enjoy watching what other quilters are getting up to? Then we have some quilt-tastic news for you, a free episode of the Quilt Show!

WonderFil’s very own Andrew Ngai appeared on the Quilt Show to talk about a few essential threads that every quilter needs in their tool kit, and we’d like to share this episode with you! You’ll also get to watch Pam Raby demonstrate some ways in which she quilts, including single fold binding.

This full-length episode will only be available to view for free for a short period of time and will be available to watch online between now and August 9th!

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Interested in watching the full-length episode?

You can find the full-length episode at the following link: www.thequiltshow.com

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Rinse ‘n Gone is a WonderFil favourite. This time-saving thread is a favorite for basting hems, positioning zippers and pockets, ease stitching, and any temporary placement. Simply rinse the project in room temperature water or brush with a wet toothbrush to make it disappear!

When quilting with Rinse n Gone creating, creating a grid on the top and bottom can help stabilize your design when using a long arm and keep your quilt looking crisp and professional.

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Meet Iron ‘n Fuse, a practical thread in the bobbin for appliqué, lining up corners and matching up fabric patterns, quilt bindings, and zippers. The heat of an iron will fuse the layers of fabric together, holding it in place so you can perfect your project.

When quilting with Iron ‘n Fuse use it in place of your clips or pins by sewing along the edge of your quilt and ironing your binding strip on to create a professional look to your quilt.

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Our finest thread line, InvisaFil™, is a remarkable silk-like 100wt, 2-ply cottonized polyester. This ultra-fine but surprisingly strong thread has cotton-like characteristics and negligible stretch while also feeling soft in the hand. InvisaFil™ makes for super low bulk stitches and virtually “disappears”, making it the ultimate choice for English paper piecing, delicate lace designs, fine fabrics, creating texture when micro quilting, or whenever you don’t want your stitching to show. It is available in 60 subtle to bright colors with a matte finish, so you can choose how much want the thread to show (or not at all)!

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