Introducing Starry Night Dazzle ™️ Thread 8wt Rayon & Metallic Thread

Introducing Starry Night Dazzle ™️ Thread 8wt Rayon & Metallic Thread

For a thread that’s truly out of this world, Starry Night Dazzle is perfect for adding a totally unique texture and color to your projects. Designed by Kim Rado of Starry Night Hollow, Starry Night Dazzle is a collection of 35 colors from the Dazzle thread line and knows how to stand out.

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Made with gorgeous multi-colored twisted strands of thread, you can add a totally unique “variegated imitation” look to your stitching. The thick 8wt thread is ideal for hand embroidery that resists untwisting, making it a reliable and easy thread to stitch with.

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You can also use Starry Night Dazzle for big stitch hand quilting, couching, bobbin work, knitting, crochet, and crafts to add this bold and beautiful look to any project. You can even put them on the upper or lower loopers of your serger machine to create a stunning decorative edge to finish your projects.

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A picture containing necktie, indoor, clothing, photo Description automatically generatedThese are some gorgeous samples of Starry Night Dazzle in action from Kim Rado.

You can find this thread available in two different sizes at 46 meters or 50 yards for those small hand embroidery projects, or in a larger size at 183 meters or 200 yards if you want to really make a big impression.

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If you’ve fallen in love with Starry Night Dazzle, head over to here to shop the collection and get sewing with it! You can also sign up for our free newsletter to receive more educational sewing tips, tutorials, and free patterns. Register by clicking here! We’ll see you again next time!

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