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Splendor Surprise Variety Bag

It’s “out with the old and in with the new” this January at WonderFil! We have completed some early organizing and decided on our final colorways for all of our splendor products. This clean sweep has led to the limited supply of our Splendor™ Surprise Variety Bags!The Wonderfil Splendor Surprise Variety Bag is your last chance to stitch with these beautiful Splendor™ color tones! Each Surprise Bag is filled with 10 unique, randomized, color spools that are sure to add inspiration for your next project, and not to mention you save 50% off on your spools!

Sizzle Clearance

It’s “out with the old and in with the new” this January at WonderFil . It’s your last chance to purchase our Sizzle™ thread before it is gone! Sizzle™ is a 4-ply rayon thread, woven with three strands of metallic, giving it a highly textured and intensely sparkling surface. This is the ultimate thread when you want to add a lot of texture, dimension, or eye-catching stitches to any project. Stock up on this Sizzling, decorative thread for 40% off, while supplies last!