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DT40 - D-Twist 20wt Rayon Syrup Thread

DT40 - D-Twist 20wt Rayon Syrup Thread

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D-Twist™ is a 2-ply rayon thread made of two 40wt threads twisted together into a 20wt thread in coordinating colours. This unique thread creates a 3-D effect and is an excellent choice when you want to add texture or dimension to your project. D-Twist™ comes in 24 two-tone twisted colours that carry a beautiful sheen so your stitches can stand out and show off their distinctive appearance! 

Material: Two Twisted Rayon Strands 
Weight: 20wt 
Sizes: 500m (547yd)
Usages: Machine embroidery, quilting built-in decorative stitches, thread painting, serger loopers.


machine hand icons-01.pngMachine:

- 90/14, 100/16 Topstitch
- Midarm 16
- Longarm not recommended

machine hand icons-02.pngHand:

- Not recommended

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