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Expressive Quilting Novelty Pack

Expressive Quilting Novelty Pack

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Play and explore with Novelty Thread Packs! Each pack includes a wide variety of threads at great savings and are perfect for getting started with a technique, or trying out some new threads you haven’t considered using for that technique. Choose from Amazing Embroidery, Expressive Quilting, Creative Serging, and Inspiring Stitchery & Fashion; each curated with thread lines tailored to that technique or project.

Each pack includes a link to an exclusive video archive with inspirational and educational videos showing you how to use the threads in the pack.

Includes 9 total spools:
1x Spagetti™ 12wt double gassed Egyptian cotton
1x Konfetti™ 50wt double gassed Egyptian cotton
1x GlaMore™ 12wt rayon with 1 strand metallic
1x Spotlite™ 40wt rayon core metallic
1x FabuLux™ 40wt trilobal polyester
1x Mirage™ 30wt random dyed rayon
2x DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester
1x InvisaFil™ 100wt cottonized polyester

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