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HD101 - HomeDec Multi-Filament Polyester Ink Black Thread

HD101 - HomeDec Multi-Filament Polyester Ink Black Thread

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This enhanced polyester multi-filament thread is specially designed for heavy duty sewing on thicker and stiffer materials, such as leather or upholstery fabric. Available in 3 different weights (60wt, 40wt, 30wt), it can be used across a wide range of projects, such as furniture construction or bags and accessories. Spool tops edges are colour-coded to make it easy to identify the thread weight on the display.

Material: Enhanced Multi-Filament Polyester

Spool Size:
60wt: 320m (350yd)
40wt: 274m (300yd)
30wt: 229m (250yd

Usages: Heavy duty stitching for leather, vinyl, cork, and upholstery fabric.


machine hand icons-01.pngMachine:

- 90/14 Leather
- 90/14 Super Nonstick

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