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Thread Bank

Thread Bank

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We understand that storing thread isn’t always as easy as storing your fabric collection. Afterall, threads come in all different spool sizes and shapes and can’t simply be folded. Our solution is this new thread storage solution: the expandable Thread Bank. Its unique design prevents spools from tangling, keeps it away from colour-fading UV rays and humidity, and organizes your threads systematically to help facilitate your choice or organization by colour or thread type. No more tangled, messy thread bins and drawers!

The thread cabinet is designed to stack multiple cabinets in a row to nest inside a bookshelf or cabinet, keeping your threads together and tidy as a set. It’s designed with 2 sliding units, with each unit containing 15 spool holders for a total of 30 spools per cabinet.

Each box includes:
1x Thread Bank unit (holds 30 spools total)
2x Labels

Note that the Thread Bank™️ fits all regular size WonderFil®️ brand spools, mini king cones, and the smaller Ellana™️ and Sue Spargo Eleganza™️ spools. While it may fit other brand's spools, we cannot guarantee it.

This space-conscious design fits in any standard shelf or cabinet that has the internal depth of 12 inches, or 30 centimeters.

WILL MY THREAD FIT? Check this guide!

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